A national Game lounge exhibiting some insightful and innovative SWISS VIDEO GAME will be part of the House of Switzerland at the Olympic Games in London 2012. Along with presenting the country design creativity and technical development innovations, the aim of the Game Lounge is to showcase an urban, playful and modern Switzerland that can surprise British locals.

As a partner for this project the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), in close partnership with the GameCulture programme by Pro Helvetia, is curating the selection of the most remarkable Swiss Games.

 The games review will consider the following criteria :
1. Casual game targeting lay audience
2. Easy to learn, quick to play
3. Entertaining and funny
4. Artistic consideration
5. Technicaly highly innovative

 All games that will be part of the final selection must be fully developed and must run in a stable version by the end of April 2012. This version must include the following features:
1. Games may run on mobile, tablet, desktop PC or installation setting. Tablet version is to be privileged whenever possible.
2. No advertisement, no in-game shop, no link to any website or online store.
3. No online mode if a personal account is required.
4. No quit button.
5. When idled for long time, game must restart from the beginning, re-lock levels and optionally start a mode demo.
6. Game must contain relevant credits.
7. Plain explanations with english text, schemes or pictures must be provided in a separated document. 

We invite every Swiss game designers to take this exceptional opportunity to present their last creations. Please send us an email at the following address : maxime.schoeni@hesge.ch

Submission must include a fully playable version of the game and a technical sheet including your name, website if you’ve got one, your contact, platform for the game, system and device requirements. Deadline is for the 15 March 2012.


Swiss Game Selection 2013

Discover the 7 selected Games of the “Call for Projects: Swiss Games 2012/2013”

Don’t Kill Her
Journey of a Roach
Ned & Ted

Swiss Game Selection 2011

Discover the 7 selected Games of the “Call for Projects: Swiss Games 2010/2011”
Daina: The Herbarium

Gravity Lander

GravityLander Game

Safely land your spaceship on Mars. Read more

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