Alexandre Renevey grew up with arcade games like Pac-Man, Pooyan, Zaxxon, Arkanoid and Shinobi. Several Game & Watch, a Videopac and a NES console later, it looks like there's no turning back: he just loves Video Games! That's why he's starting to draw sprites in Pixel Art on a sheet of paper. Then tiles. Then he's going further with Game Design. Then Level Design. Then… here he is, more than 25 years later, still enjoying this particular, but wonderful world, and still creating stuff.


Alexandre Renevey
Ch. de la Fontaine 6
1752 Villars-sur-Glâne
Phone: +41 (0)79 290 58 59

  • GDC Play ('Best in Play Winner') (2013), Grooh
  • Swiss App Awards ('Games & Entertainment' Winner) (2013), Grooh
  • Corona SDK ('App of the Week') (2012), Grooh
  • Jay is Games ('Best Mobile Puzzle' Nominee) (2012), Grooh
  •  iPadevice ('Game of the Week') (2012), Grooh
  • Independent Games Festival (IGF) ('Best Web Browser Game' category) (2007), Bubble Islands


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