The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) and FONDATION SUISA are pleased to announce the winners of the «Call for Projects: Swiss Games 2012/2013». The awards were handed out July 9th in the course of an official ceremony in the presence of the various juries, representatives of the three organizing bodies, the developers of the seven winning games as well as a large audience. We are happy to provide an insight into these productions on the online cultural promotion platform «Swiss Arts Selection».

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For the second year in a row, the collaboration of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia with swissnex san francisco, the city of Zürich and Swiss Studios to show the creativity of Swiss Game Designers at GDC play will be couronnated with success. Krautscape and Grooh have been selected for the new GDC Best in Play award program. The selected games  will be diplayed at GDC Play kiosks at GDC 2013. Read more

Liquidsketch, the new game of Tobias Neukom, is a  puzzle pushing the understanding of liquid mechanics in a funny and challenging way. The incredibly realistic real-time liquid simulation and the reactivity to gyroscope controls are some of the reasons that make this game a unique experience. They are for sure the main arguments to be nominated as a finalist at IGF 2013 for technical excellence. Good job Tobias!

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MokMok – when music becomes a game

Games > Swiss Production | Posted by Pro Helvetia | December 17, 2012

Did you ever wonder what would happen when music and video game would have a baby?

Well the answer is a Swiss video game called MokMok. Developed at 2BEATS studio the game is set in a world ihnabited by living musical instruments. The player is invited to jump, blow an vibrate to the rythm of his compositions. It’s a powerfull tool to create music and maybe the most creative tool to share it with your friends online. Pump up the volume, the jam is on!

Soon available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

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14 Video Games enter the Collection at MoMA

Games | Posted by Pro Helvetia | December 4, 2012
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It’s November 29th, the preparation of the GameCulture closing Conference “Next Level” is in full swing when suddenly it hits the news: MoMA is taking up 14 video games in their collection! The Next day the «GameCulture» Program would officially be closed with the feeling that over the last three years mentalities have moved along in the world of art and in the world of gaming. Are video games art? “They sure are” says MoMA.


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