Auspicious news from IGDA Switzerland Chapter

Punk & Junk | Posted by igda | February 23, 2012

Exciting times, with several newcomers on the playing field and great opportunities to present your work are in this week’s chapter news!

Porting your games to other platforms can not only open up new markets, it can also give you the opportunity to collect more awards – as bitforge found out, when their game Orbital got nominated for the Best Windows Phone Game of the Year 2012 by Pocket Gamer – an award they already won in its silver version for their iPhone version of Orbital. Nice one, guys – we keep our fingers crossed that you will actually receive that award!

With digiDingo a new Swiss developer entered the playing field – and is off to a great start! The puzzle game for iOS, featuring a lovely, cuddly creature called Grooh exploring a castle made it into the first place of paid apps in Switzerland. Go, help the creature exploring and blow up some floor tiles!

And close on digiDingo’s heels is SevenOnly, a small crew of developers hailing from the italian speaking part of Switzerland. They’ve just released a whacky racing game called jAggy Race on the iTunes App Store.

No longer a newcomer, Nothing can look back at a whooping 10 years of game development. A lot of the accumulated knowledge of these years has been consolidated into a framework called Nebula. Read all about its background over at Nothing’s blog.


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