Matte Painting and Concept Art: Workshop with Jaime Jasso

Education | Posted by Pro Helvetia | September 19, 2012

By the End of October FOCAL will host a 3-days workshop with the digital-matte artist Jaime Jasso (avatar, iron man, xmen, super 8, rango, warhammer, dragon age …). Registration is on until september 27th. You can register here and you will find a complete programm here.

Matte painting is one of filmmaking’s oldest special effects techniques. Digital compositing has afforded it a new life: whether for real-life or animated films or even video games, the process has proven it can be very economical for creating environments or making changes to existing settings. Matte painting applies to all styles of animation and also to video games. Therefore this workshop is a unique opportunity for Swiss game designer to learn more about the topic.





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