Joypads are not just peripheral devices, much more these interfaces characteristic of videogames offer an original way to describe their history and their culture. In this publication, by the two LIFTers Nicolas Nova and Laurent Bolli  who already contributed to the exhibition «Playtime, Games Mythologie» at Maison d’ailleurs, recount the evolution of Joypads in the last decades. Using historical documents, interviews with designers and exploring the relationships between these objects, they describe the main factors that influenced the evolution of joypads. The book was published in «la bibliothèque des mirroirs» by «moutons électrique» and can be ordered here. Enjoy!




10. Kunst oder Teufelszeug?

Machen Videospiele gewalttätig und dumm? Die Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW) ging im Auftrag von Pro Helvetia diesen Fragen nach.

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