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Funding | Posted by Pro Helvetia | March 15, 2013

The Swiss Arts Council, the Neuchâtel Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) and FONDATION SUISA are proud to announce that the second «Call for Projects: Swiss Games» was very successful: 43 projects have been handed in. A quick look at these games shows that they are represented by a high diversity in terms of game types, used platforms and by their high quality. Their origin is also highly diverse, with games coming from independent studios as wells as from established institutions and producers. All linguistic regions of Switzerland are represented proportionally and the high participation of female developers is very good news.

From March 18th to 19th, a international Jury consisting of 5 experts will meet in Neuchâtel and selects the projects that will be supported in their development with grants up to CHF50’000. The award ceremony will be held in Neuchâtel on 9th of July during the symposium Imaging the Future organized by NIFFF. Subsequently, the games will be shown in a temporary exposition during the festival.


1/ Malte Behrmann, Germany, Jury president – Author and lawyer specializing in media law, expert in public support for video game development and co-founder of the German association of game developers (G.A.M.E. e.V.) as well as General Secretary of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF). Additionally, Malte Behrmann teaches film support law and international coproduction law at the University of Valenciennes and gives classes at the Games Academy in Berlin. ->

2/ C from Superbrothers , Canada C is the founder & sole full-time staff member at Superbrothers HQ, a videogame creation firm located in the woods of Quebec in Canada, where an as-yet-unnanounced new project is slowly taking shape. Superbrothers is probably best known for 2011’s Sword & Sworcery EP, an adventure videogame conceived for mobile platforms. Created with Capy & maestro Jim Guthrie, it is noted for its distinct audiovisual style and its experimental, expressive design sensibility. ->

3/ Debora Ferrari, Italy – Curator, art critic and creator of Game Art Gallery. Expert in cultural heritage and museum management, for several years has been creating exhibitions, events and publications regarding the prolific exchange between game art and contemporary arts. Contributor to research and communication activities with associations, colleges and universities. With Neoludica, she took videogame art to the 54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, and with Art (R)Evolution to the Museum of Science Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. ->

4/ Marc Bodmer, Switzerland – Jurist, cyber culture publicist and former head of the development project «Promotion of media competence» at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Has been professionally involved with video games for over 20 years. In addition to his journalistic activities, he gives classes on games at universities and schools. He is an independent computer game expert at Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and consults parents and tutors as well as other disseminators on the use of digital media. ->

5/ Lyn m, Switzerland – After an education in graphic arts, singer Lyn m joined the Aloan project in 2003. So far, her musical complicity with Aloan leader Alain Frey resulted in four albums and the Prix SUISA Newcomer (in 2009) as well as the label Swiss Top Band by radio station DRS 3 (in 2010). In addition to her work as a singer, author and co-compositor for Aloan she collaborates with others artists such as Sumo, Xewin, Tweek, Ernest Saint Laurent and Dog Almond. Since 31 August 2012 she has been busy with Aloan concerts in Switzerland, presenting the group’s latest album «No Fear, No Bravery». ->



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