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Posted by ZHAW | July 28, 2010

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The “Promoting Media Competence” development project at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) – project leader: Marc Bodmer, academic leader:  Prof. Daniel Süss – is very unusual in that research and teaching are carried out in close conjunction. Academic staff are not simply commissioned by external clients to investigate questions relating to the media: they also become aware of new topics through daily contact with their students, who are in turn working towards Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

By supporting Pro Helvetia’s GameCulture programme, ZHAW aims to make a further contribution to promoting media competence and fostering constructive debate about video games. ZHAW intends to build a network for media competence in order to bring together the specialists already available and help them share their expertise. Another objective is actively to promote a positive approach to new media, including video games, social networking and mobile phones, by offering workshops, information and coaching. In addition, ZHAW seeks to improve the academic principles underlying the study of this subject and provide a forum for discussing the possible effects of media consumption on society.

The collaboration with Pro Helvetia began with a commission that initiated the GameCulture project: a review of the status of current research on the topic of “Violence and games”. The ongoing debate about “killer games” forms the backdrop to the venture.

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